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Every wedding is unique, so shouldn't your photography package be too?!?

Picking your wedding photographer is a big deal. It is about so much more than just knowing that you are getting two photographers for 8 hours, or an engagement session included your package or not. It is about knowing that you are hiring a professional whos work and personality you love, who you trust completely, and who is going to give you stunning images! And that, my friends, is where I come in. 

When you invest in me, you can be sure that you are getting an expert who has the experience and skills to handle anything thrown her way. I am going to be here to help you navigate the wedding planning process and offer advice when you need it. I will create you a detailed timeline that gets everyone where they need to be while also getting you the beautiful images you have been dreaming off. And should things ever feel like they are falling apart, you can count on me to help hold it together and get things back on track.  I am going to perfectly balance it all to provide you with an amazing experience and unforgettable images, because those at the details that set me apart.

Listen, I know how expensive weddings can get. I've been there and know the struggle of trying to spend wisely while planning. I also know that talking about budgets and money can be hard, but I promise you, it doesn't have to be! I have no problem talking with you about these things, and helping you to make the right decision for you! My prices are based not only on my experience and all the awesomeness that I can bring to the table for you, but also on what I need to run a business and feed my family. I am honored that you are considering investing your hard earned money with me, and I want you to know I appreciate it. So if you are reading this, and are ready to move forward, but are afraid that your budget won't allow, contact me anyway. I might be able to create a custom quote or payment plan that allows you to get the experience and photos you are dreaming of!

I am ALL ABOUT giving you, your family, and your guests the ultimate experience, so I am not going to try to fit you into a premade package. I am going to chat with you, get to know what YOU need and create the perfect package specifically for you!

Traditional wedding packages start at $4500 and can include multiple hours of coverage, multiple photographers, an engagement session, and albums!
Elopement & hourly packages also available.